EverChewTM = SafetyChewTM = EverChew®!

Originally called EverChew, and then SafetyChew, we are fully rebranding to EverChew!  Our products keeps dogs safe from choking (and busy for a long time) by locking dog chews into the undefeatable (and easy-refill) rubber ring.  Look for a change as we fully embrace the EverChew brand name across every product.

You can find Everchew products in our store, where we have our original products, and a developmental page where products are available in limited quantities.  See more here:

SafetyChew provides Safe Dog Bones for Chewing

Because dog owners want two things:

•  Peace of mind that their dog cannot choke on a chew bone, and

•  A dog that’s kept busy shredding out a softened chew

SafetyChew is the dog chew holder that not only keeps your dog busy for longer, more importantly, it prevents choking. Your dog must slowly tear the last part of the chew from the holder in soft, wet, safe-sized pieces. The ring is a non-toxic, high quality rubber that’s safe for your dog’s teeth.

Intro to SafetyChew (originally EverChew): Provides safe dog chew treats