A Safe Rawhide for Dogs

While many people search for a safe rawhide alternatives, another option is to buy high quality, safe rawhide bones for your dog. Many people despise rawhides and consider them always unsafe no matter what.  That conclusion is understandable because of the type of product low quality, crappy brands sell.

Some poorly made rawhide chews use small scraps in the middle as filler which can fall out during chewing.  These loose pieces are generally hard, and have not had time to get softened by the dog’s spit.  So the hard piece can get lodged cross-ways in the throat. As was testing rawhides during the development of SafetyChew, I would sometimes cut a rawhide in half.  The lower quality brands had small pieces fall out of the fresh cut ends.  Higher quality safe rolled chews for dogs only use large sheets in the roll, so nothing falls out of the fresh cuts.


Another issue with poor quality rolled chew bones is that they are highly processed in baths that can leave unsafe contaminants. One example of high quality rawhides and rolled skin (pig skin) supplier is Tasman’s Natural Pet, and there’s a lot of info on their FAQ page (http://www.naturesbestrawhide.com/faq.aspx). If you visit their page you see how the describe that they only process with hydrogen peroxide, and then only mildly.  That’s why the colors of their chew treats are variable.