Real Uncompensated Reviews of the Safest Chew Technology for Dogs

For our Kickstarter campaign, we sent out prototypes to a handful of “media dogs” for their review. Three did give a review and they are summarized below. Don’t forget that we were called “EverChew” back then.

School for the Dogs
“I surveyed all the bully stick holders I’ve come across in the year or so since then. The best one I’ve come across, however, is not yet for sale. It is called the Everchew.”


You can also hear a podcast where Annie interviews Kirby about how EverChew was developed:

Good Review of Our Safe Dog Chew Technology Compared to Other by Annie


Loki & Friends
“we love how this prototype was able to extend the chewing time from 10 minutes to over an hour….with this EverChew prototype, we have a peace of mind knowing that our pups will not be choking at the end. We absolutely love this easy-to-use device.”


Good Reviews of Safe Dog Chew Technology with Loki


“Nessie loves her EverChew, and we’re over the moon about it! So glad to have been a game changer for this little cutie….it stabilizes the chew for our Nessie. Nessie has been going at this bully stick for an hour. This simply isn’t possible without this product…it’s a game changer for Nessie.”


Good Review of Safe Dog Chew Technology with Nessie


And remember, SafetyChew will be proudly marked with “made in USA”!