About SafetyChew

Who is Kirby?

By day, Kirby is a research chemist. At all other times he’s a dad of 3, husband of 1, pet dad of 2, and inventor of a few things.

Who is Eva?

By day and by night Eva is a female Golden Doodle. She turns 11 this year.

Why was SafetyChew invented?

Eva twice choked on a rawhide stub–one time so bad I had to pull it out of her throat. After that, chews were banned in our house. But I decided that choking was a problem I could fix, so I came up with this great solution, and want to share it with other dog owners.

Made in USA

We will give details once we start production, but the ring will be made in the USA.  And the rubber polymer used to mold the ring is made in USA. And the nylon pin will be made in USA.  And the rubber latch that secures the pin is made in USA.  You see a theme here.

Eva (official tester) and Kirby (inventor).

What is EverChew?

Wasn’t there an EverChew ring?

Absolutely.  But we rebranded EverChew as SafetyChew, since the new name does a better job of capturing what the ring does. EverChew is still around as the name of our overall business, but the ring and chews are now branded “SafetyChew”.  Many thanks to those supports who responded and helped us settle on the new name.

The old EverChew logo.


The SafetyChew Logo

We are blessed to have a really awesome logo. For that we are grateful to Kim at http://www.redmothart.com. She did a great job and even was nice enough to write about the experience of developing the logo in an interview with me at http://www.redmothart.com/everchew-product-and-logo-design-interview-with-creator-inventor-kirby-kendall/. So check out Kim’s work and give her a shout if you need any graphic design work.


The SafetyChew Kickstarter Video

Steven Gunter is a heck of a creative video guru.  He did an absolutely fantastic job on the video.  Each time I watch it there’s another level of detail I catch.  He was very particular during the shoot, but still easy to work with.  If you need any videography done, you should look at his work https://vimeo.com/southerly. Steven also does wedding photography and you can see some excellent snaps here too http://www.pearlsnapphotography.com/.


If you need anything, email Kirby: info@SafetyChew.com.