The EverChew

  • About Us

  • Who is Kirby?

    By day, Kirby is a Research Chemist. At all other times he’s a dad of 3, husband of 1, pet dad of 2, and
    inventor of a few things.

  • Who is Eva?

    By day and by night Eva is a female Golden Doodle. She just turned 10 in July.

  • Why was EverChew invented?

    After Eva choked on a rawhide stub, and I had to pull it out of her throat, chews were banned in our
    house. So I decided that was a problem I could fix.

  • Safety

  • How does EverChew stop choking?

    When bully sticks and rawhides get short, dogs can gulp them down. The stub can get lodged in the
    throat or become an obstruction deeper in the digestive system. Everchew uses a nylon pin to lock the
    chew to ring.

  • Is the plastic in the Everchew safe?

    Yes. The ring is made up of three plastic parts, all are tooth safe, and have no adulterants or additives.
    To have the best quality control, the rubber pellets melted to form into the ring are made in the USA,
    the green ring is injection molded in the USA, the nylon locking pin is injection molded in the USA, and
    the black rubber latch is extruded in the USA.

  • Are the bully stick chews safe?

    Absolutely. the bully sticks will be provided from two manufacturers, and they are made in the US. That
    way you know that they are not adulterated. Also, they are jumbo sized (averaging 7/8” diameter) and
    are odor free (just a hint). They have to be jumbo bullys so that we can make the hole for the nylon
    locking pin (size matters).

  • Are the rawhide roll chews safe?

    Yes—but many people despise rawhides and consider them unsafe in all forms and situations. That’s in-
    part because crappy brands can be poorly made (have small scraps in the middle as filler) and processed
    in baths that can leave unsafe contaminants. The scraps pieces themselves can choke, and eating too
    much rawhide too fast may plug up the dog. My dog Eva has never had any issues other than choking on
    the last stub (which the EverChew ring prevents). Our rawhide supplier is Tasman’s Natural Pet, and
    there’s a lot of info on their FAQ page ( In short, they
    use US beef hides rolled in their Mexico plant. The hides are gently bleached only with hydrogen
    peroxide (which turns into water), and they use no filler scrapes in the center of the roll. I was initially
    impressed by the extremely consistent diameter of their rolls when doing prototype testing. That level
    of quality control touches all aspects of their products.

  • How strong is the pin and latch?

    The latch absolutely will not let the pin slip out of the ring unless a finger first pushes the latch aside. We
    have never had one fail in testing. You just need to make sure that the tapered head of the pin is pushed
    past the latch and just not next to it. The pin strength was tested by mounting a rawhide in the
    EverChew and pulling the rawhide out. At 130 pounds the pin held. So you can hang EverChew upside
    down from a tree branch (somehow) and let your 130 pound dog jump up, bite the chew, and hang

  • Design

  • Why didn’t you just clamp the chew somehow?

    I tested a few clamping designs, but Eva was able to defeat them all—except the one made with a hose
    clamp. But there were some up-front requirements guiding the design that prevented the use of metal
    (at all, anywhere in the product) and prevented the use of tools for use. That’s how we ended up using a
    pin with a double action latch. I couldn’t devise another way that didn’t clamp, didn’t use metal, and
    didn’t require tools. The added advantage of this latch design (versus others that we tried), is that it
    works well for fingers with long nails, weak fingers, and fat fingers; and you don’t need a strong grip to
    twist or turn things.

  • How long does a chew last in the ring?

    Dogs will eat the portion of the chew above the ring at their regular rate. The bullys are jumbo diameter
    so they may last longer than what you normally buy. But when the dog eats the chew flush to the ring is
    when it gets interesting. With a rawhide, the dog can slow try to pull it out in small soggy pieces. About
    half the time, Eva is able to get all the chew, but it takes her 2-6 hours of working on that last, trapped
    1” stub of rawhide. Bullys don’t tear as well as rawhide, but she tries to get them out too. About 25% of
    the time the bully stub will tear out in small pieces. If your dog can’t get the stub out, just remove it and
    replace with a fresh chew.

  • Is the ring dishwasher safe?

    Yes, and the pin too. Probably the chews, but they will get slimy.

  • Can I make my own chew refills?

    Absolutely. Just make sure you only use a natural material like rawhide, bully sticks, ears, antler, and
    other things that don’t break in half if you bend it or bang it with a hammer. You only need a 5/16” drill
    bit to drill the hole near one end.

  • I bet my dog will destroy that ring!

    That’s not a question. But yes, if your dog is a super chewer, the ring will eventually be torn apart.
    Although we try to limit that by using a thermoplastic elastomer with a higher tear strength than most
    dog toys. I was able to train Eva not to just chew on the ring, and she quickly learned that the good
    flavors were trapped in the center. Now when she sees an empty ring she may just lick it checking for
    hidden flavor.

  • What’s the Triplechew?

    We dreamed up the TripleChew as a way to tremendously extend the lifetime of a chew. The dog starts
    at the free end and has to tear little pieces of rawhide out of the top ring before it falls away. Then the
    dog can work down to the second ring. It limits the amount of rawhide the dog can eat is a single
    session. And it rolls like a champ if you want to use it as a play toy.

  • What animal is used to make the chews?

    The Tasman’s rawhide rolls will primary be made from USA beef. But they may be supplemented with
    US bison, wild Texas boar, or even Elk depending on availability. The bully sticks will also be primarily US
    beef, but apparently US bison may also be mixed in at the factory.

  • Fulfillment

  • How close is Everchew to being done?

    EverChew is ready to be made! It’s not a prototype, it’s a fully functional product that just needs to be
    made. The manufacturers of the pin and ring have reviewed and approved the CAD drawings and
    provided manufacturer’s quotes. In fact, the ring was sent out to a number of manufacturers and they
    all provided a quote—so it’s “makeable”. Quotes are in hand from all manufacturing, we just need the
    funding to say “go”.

  • How fast can EverChew be made?

    Since every part of the ring is made in the US, there will be no shipping delays from slow boats, etc. The
    only item not 100% made in the US is the rawhide roll. The roll comes from US cows, but the rawhide is
    cut and rolled at Tasman Natural’s plant in Mexico. The slowest step is making the injection molds for
    the ring itself. That will take a month. All other items can be made and shipped while that’s happening.
    Then making the rings should only take a few days to injection mold. Fulfillment immediately follows.
    The first hurdle is that it takes 2 weeks for Kickstarter to release the funding. And if we buffer for
    unexpected delays in “fill in blank”, we really, really hope to start shipping before the end of October.

  • Who makes the holes in the rawhides?

    For the rawhide rolls, Tasman’s plant makes the hole in each chew before the leave the plant. The bully
    sticks are more troublesome to drill because of the huge variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. It’s really
    difficult to drill the hole cleanly with regular, spade, or brad point drill bits. So for the bullys, we’re
    making the holes ourselves in Texas. We have a drill press and fixture set up, and then will snip any
    interfering material away from the edge of the hole. That way we total control over the final product.

  • What’s the ring personalization like?

    We did some test runs with a laser engraving company to personalize your EverChew. We’ll mark it with
    a name on half of one side. Instead of a black burn mark, the laser melts the rubber so it looks kind of
    like it was hot stamped. Just add the additional funds for each personalization to the total backing
    amount. No offensive names please!

  • Are all shipping options free?

    YES for US addresses. If you order multiples of any tier, we will ship each pack to the address(es) of your
    choosing. So you can order 3 packs, have one sent to yourself, one to Grandpa Joe, and one to Grandma
    Georgina—all for free. As for Canada and Mexico, we felt it was important to include our largest
    immediate neighbors as a shipping option. Especially since some of the rawhides are rolled in Tasman’s
    plant in Mexico, and Canada provides all that weather that makes the grass for US cows (and maybe
    some elk that slip into the US across the border). But we have to charge extra for each pack shipped to
    CA and MX because the Post Office is mean. Apologies to everyone else in other countries. Order
    EverChew through a friend or wait until we grow a bit.

  • Backers

  • Why are your bully sticks more expensive than rawhides?

    Both are made from US cattle, so that makes them more expensive than many imports right away. Also,
    we use jumbo-sized bully sticks so they are locked properly by the nylon pin. Lastly for the bullys, they
    are an expensive chew simply because of what they are: only about half the cows have one (the boy
    cows), and the boy cows only have one each, and then only a few of the boy cows are packing jumbos.

  • What will the money raised be used for?

    The funds will be used to make the molds and buy materials. There are two injection molds to produce,
    one for the ring the other for the pin. Then we have to pay for the production run of each. The rubber
    latch comes from a rubber extruding company. It’s a standard off the shelf rubber and size, but they are
    pre-cutting it into 1” lengths. The rawhides and bullys have to be purchased. Then everything gets
    packaged and shipped.

  • How do I know I will get my reward?

    Hopefully the information in the FAQ and other campaign materials has convinced you. I’m very
    confident that delivery will occur on time, and I’m a risk adverse guy. All the manufacturing and purchases are set up. The product is well-tested and ready to go into production. I’ve weighed every
    part and even did test mailings to make sure everything will fit in the package and be mailed ok.

  • What type of backer supports EverChew?

    They are the best people in the whole world! They love their dogs and always have an eye open for
    things to make their dogs’ lives better. Simply, they are the best representatives of the human race.

  • What are the rewards for backing?

    Rewards on Kickstarter can be confusing because of their ordering rules. In summary, there’s a ring by
    itself, pack of the ring with rawhides or bullys, a pack of the ring with 30 rawhides or bullys, and the
    TripleChew. Every ring can also be laser engraved with a dog’s name.